Advantages of Professional Hardwood Installation

July 11th, 2017


Floor Installation from Classic Floors ChicagoIn the past few years, hardwood flooring has quickly become more popular. It is fast replacing carpet because it is more permanent, it is far easier to maintain, cleaning it is easy, and many people believe it looks nicer than carpet. Carpets shred and tear; they wear out within a few years, they stain easily, they attract dirt and dust, and if something spills on them, they immediately absorb the liquid, making it impossible to fully clean up. While carpet is cheaper to buy and install, it will need to be replaced once it wears out or tears – But this is not the case with hardwood flooring.

Hardwood floors do not tear or wear out. If they do get scuffed, chipped or scratched, however, they can easily be re-sanded, re-stained and re-varnished so they look as good as new again. Hardwood floors do not stain or attract dirt and dust. Instead, they make cleaning and dusting incredibly simple. Using either a wet or dry mop, the dust and debris come right off, leaving the floor shining. The wood repels spilled liquids too, allowing water to be mopped right up so the floor is left unharmed.

Floor Installation from Classic Floors Chicago

Because your flooring is one of the first things people notice when they walk into your home, we know you want it done right. It is very important to not only get the right flooring but to also get great installation service by professionals who know what they are doing. This is why we take our jobs so seriously. With our sixteen years of experience servicing the Chicago area, we are a team you can trust and count on. We are proud of our fast and reliable service, and we hope you are happy with it, too. We want to give you your money’s worth, and more.

We are dedicated to helping you, and respect is the name of our game. No tricks, no gimmicks. We are here for you. When it comes to your home and your flooring, we want to give you the very best. Your opinions are valuable and we make you our first priority. We strive for your complete approval once the job is done, and we want you to be happy with the finished product.

We provide floor Installation and service for all types of floors

Classic Floors ChicagoHere at Classic Floors Chicago, we guarantee you the best. We will install your laminate, do sanding, will refinish your hardwood flooring, and can repair and refinish your old floor – in both residential and commercial settings. Our equipment is new and safe for you and our environment, and our methods are tried and true.

When it comes to choosing the right flooring for your home, we know how hard it can be. Each different type of wood or laminate and each color will change not only the design and decoration of the room but the atmosphere of the room too. Take your time to evaluate your options, and always feel free to ask questions. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we want to help you make the right choice. We want you in good hands, and wish to ensure that you get the bargain you were looking for. Let us help you make your house or office that dream place you have always wanted.

Helpful DIY tips for keeping hardwood floors looking new and clean

Remember to always sweep hardwood floors before mopping or scrubbing with water so that the mop or rag does not just spread out the dust and dirt, creating an icky slime on the wood.

Mix one cup of vinegar with one gallon of water and use that to scrub the floor thoroughly. Use this occasionally to scrub off the buildup of dust, dirt, and grime that coats the floor over time.

Be careful how you walk on the floors; it will make a difference in how they look, and how long they will last. Avoid wearing shoes on hardwood floors to keep them looking shiny and prevent grime buildup. Keeping sports cleats and high heeled shoes off the floor will prevent nicks and dings.

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