Bring your Kitchen to Life with Hardwood Floors

August 7th, 2017


Does your kitchen need a little makeover? Whether you are looking to remodel the entire kitchen, appliances and all, or are just looking to do something small, look no further than Chicago Flooring. Hardwood floors can bring a modern touch to an outdated kitchen. The hottest trends in kitchen styling today are hardwood floors. Though they may be trendy, hardwood floors are also extremely timeless and classic looking. For a modern update with a timeless touch, check out how hardwood floors can bring some life back into the kitchen.


1Some might say that the kitchen is the hub of the house. It’s the one room where everyone is happy to gather round in. With that being said, that means it’s also the room that takes the most beating. That is why it is so important to have durable flooring. Laminate floors in Chicago are durable, classic, and timeless. They brighten up any room and make any room picture perfect. New floors are the perfect solution to updating a kitchen without breaking the bank. You don’t need to redo an entire kitchen to feel like it is a new kitchen. All you need are new floors!

Things to Consider When Choosing Hardwood

There are hardwood floors to suit and match pretty much any style. Aside from picking out color, there are some other things to consider when choosing new wood floors.


The species of wood will determine the hardness, stability, graining, and color. For instance, there are domestic species, such as oak, which is generally the most popular among consumers and industry stylists alike. Some other options that are also popular are cherry, maple, walnut, hickory, and birch. Want something a little more exotic looking? Try jatoba, Teak, Tigerwood, or Brazilian cherry.


Is your style more rustic and country or is it modern and contemporary? All wood floor sizes do not convey the same style message. If you are looking for a contemporary and sleek look, look for strips that are less than three inches. Or maybe you are into the rustic country style that is so popular these days and would like wider planks, which are more than three inches. Looking for something more decorative? Decorative parquet floors are a unique and standout addition to kitchens that are more formal.


Hardwoods with a bit more age under their belts tend to denote history and heritage. Things like notches, adze, marks, and wormholes all depict a rich and long history. But you don’t have to pay a crazy amount to get wood that looks historic and aged. Chicago laminate floors can be purchased brand-new with the same timeworn appearances using special distressing techniques like hand scraping, wire brushing, and chattering.


Classic Floor ChicagoThe beauty of hardwood is the wide range of colors they can come in. From blonde to caramel, brown, burgundy, and the ever-growing popular black, there’s a color that has the potential to make everyone happy. One thing to remember when choosing a color is how frequently stains and spills occur in the kitchen. Particularly, light floors and dark floors have a tendency to show stains and spills. Sometimes the question you ask to come with questions as answers. Example, do you want white kitchen floors? If so, do you want to mop every day? There’s nothing wrong with any answer, but it is something to consider before putting down money for new floors.

Keeping Those Floors Shiny and Beautiful

No matter how much money you spend on new flooring, over time, natural wear and tear will take its toll. Restoring your floors back to the beautiful shine they had the first day they were installed is easy. Make sure you never use a wet mop before sweeping up dirt and hair. Second, make sure to buff the floors dry. Finally, be mindful about how much wax is used on the floor. Over time, the wax build up will cause the floor to go dull. This type of maintenance isn’t required every day, or even weekly, but at least once a month floors should be swept, mopped, and buffed dry.

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