Floor Sanding Transparent Finnish and Waxing

Refinishing hardwood floors is not a task you should do to often. Refinishing a hardwood floor can also cost a significant amount of money, therefore when it’s done, it should be done by professionals. What if there was something else you could do to protect your worn floors and add a beautiful new shine to them with minimal effort? Well there is something you can do and it’s not anything new. For centuries people have applied a high quality paste wax to their hardwood floors to protect them and to beautify them. The process of waxing floors has been around forever, but in recent years it has lost favor as new, advanced finishes have taken over.

Project Images

For this project the floor found in a high traffic commercial area, needed cleaning, resanding, and vertical tile realignment. Wax is used to seal and protect the beautiful hardwood floor after a transparent finnish was applied, for a bright natural look. The result was outstanding.