Elmwood Park Hardwood Flooring

Wood floor and hardwood stair sanding and staining with Ebony stain over Brazilian Cherry in Elmwood Park

High contrast between white walls and black or dark ebony stained floors and stairs, creates an eye-opening environment. It’s a nice tool for creating a fresh, luxuriant ‘pop’-y, bold environment.

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Basics of Refinishing Your Flooring


At Classic Floors Chicago, we have seen just about everything when it comes to wood flooring, stairs, handrails, etc.


If you have wood floors, after about 20 years, you can tell that your floor needs some TLC due to the following:

These are signs that it is time to refinish your flooring. Our contractors can help you decide if it is time to repair, refinish, or replace your current flooring. If it is time to replace, maybe you can take advantage of the Ebony stain over Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring.


Life Span of Wood Floors


If you have the average ¾ inch thick wood floor, you will be able to sand it between six and eight times before it needs to be replaced. The times that you may need to replace your flooring instead of refinishing it may be due to-

If none of these are your situation, you may be able to bring back the beauty of your wood floors by refinishing them.

Sanding your hardwood flooring

Resanding Your Flooring


In order to sand your floors, you will need to have about 1/32 of an inch of wood on top. In order to see if you have this amount, you can remove a heat register on the floor and get a glance at the surrounding wood planks. If you do not have registers on the floor, you can remove a single plank from a less than noticeable location in your home such as inside of your closet.


If you would rather a professional come out and take a look at your flooring for you, give us a call. We can offer you a free estimate when you contact us today.


Refinishing Laminate Flooring


It is important that you understand that you cannot refinish laminate wood floors. Sometimes, you may be able to refinish an engineered wood floor but it will depend on-

To find out what services we can offer you or to find out how to bring back the shine to your floors, contact us today.


Why Choose Refinishing?


You may choose to refinish your flooring for the following reasons:


Choosing the Best Refinishing Company


You will want to be sure that you research various companies before choosing one. You can do this by-

Once you gather all of your information, you will want to call each company and ask them a few questions. These questions can include the following:

Once you get the answers to these questions, you will also want to get three estimates. This will help you see what the average cost is for refinishing floors in your local area of Cook County. You will also want to make sure that you-

You can get this information by contacting your Contractors State License Board in Illinois. You can also get great information about a certain company through the Better Business Bureau as well.

professional for your hardwood flooring

Professional VS DIY


You may have seen articles about refinishing your wood floors on your own. You may think that it sounds simple. However, in order to do this project you will need a lot of extra time, tools, and you will have to rent out equipment. This can drive up costs and cause you added stress that you don’t need. By the end of the project, you may spend more money doing your floors on your own then you would have spent hiring a skilled professional.


You will want to hire a professional to refinish your wood floors. Our contractors can install, repair, and refinish among other services.