Floor Resanding & Repairs

Complex floor repair and resanding after wall removal in Downers Grove – Illinois

A complex job that required full resanding and repairs due to removing of a wall. The old damaged floor represented a real challenge for our team. After hours of hard work, the hardwood floor was fixed and resanded. After staining, a clear satin coating was applied for protection and easy maintenance. A beautiful restored hardwood floor emerged after all this, making the client really proud by choosing Classic Floors Chicago for the job.

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Why Refinish Hardwood Floors?


By refinishing your floors, you can make the boards shine again and preserve the wood. Even though hardwood floors require refinishing, it makes sense economically because your flooring can last for hundreds of years in your Cook County home.

Costs for refinishing your flooring

Cost of Refinishing Hardwood Floors


The price for refinishing your flooring will range from $2 to over $5 per square foot. These are averages and some companies may have prices higher or lower than these. However, most companies costs will fall somewhere in between these prices. If you find a company that offers to refinish your flooring for less than $2 a square foot, it may be too good to be true.


Prices for refinishing hardwood floors will vary nationally and there will be a variety of factors that may affect the costs including:

If you are unsure of the costs that will be associated with your project, contact us and we can give you a free estimate!


Choosing the Best Flooring Company for your Hardwood Refinishing Project


When choosing a flooring company, you will want to research them before hiring. You can do this by-


Preparing for Your Refinish


The room that you are having the floors refinished in will need to be free of furniture. This is usually your job but you may be able to have the flooring company do it for a fee if you cannot.


Process for Refinishing the Flooring


The contractors will come in and seal off the area that is being refinished with plastic. After this, they will buff your current flooring with a large sander a couple of times until your flooring is smooth. Sometimes, during this process, scratches may come out (but don’t expect this to happen to all of them).


Once the floor is smooth the contractor will stain the floor a certain color. Once this is done, multiple coats of finish will be applied.


How Long Will the Process Take?


While it sounds quick and simple, your project can take up to two weeks to be complete. This is due to the wait time between coats of the finish. There are some finishes that can be recoated after only a couple of hours. On the other hand, there are finishes that can take a few days to bond before another coat can be applied.


Your finish will need to be completed bonded before you can move the furniture back into the room.

refinishing your floor

End Result of Your Refinish


The end result of your flooring refinish will depend on the-

You will want to ask the company that you choose for the project which type of finish that they plan on using. You will want to learn about that finish so that you will know what to expect when the job is complete.


The type of finish that is used is important since this is what will protect your flooring for years to come!


When should you Refinish Your Wood Floors?


Your flooring should not need to be refinished for at least 10 to 20 years. However, some floors may need to be refinished before 10 years. The length of time will depend on-


You will be able to tell if your flooring needs to be resealed by looking for the following signs:

You will most likely notice these flaws in areas that see the most traffic. These areas can include:

These are areas that dirt is most likely to get ground into the wood. When the floor is sanded before being resealed, it will remove a lot of the dirt and you will see your flooring transformed!


By choosing the right company such as Classic Floors Chicago, your hardwood floors will look brand new and they are refinished.


Contact us today for more information on refinishing flooring and see what other services we have to offer!