Floor Restoration for Turn of the Century Houses

February 20th, 2017


If you live in an older home, you know that there are many unique and antique elements that make your house interesting. The type of decorative elements, structures, and designs that you see in turn of the century houses are not seen in homes today. Home features can change fairly quickly due to changing trends, changing needs of homeowners, size of homes, and development of newer materials and technologies.

But with all that you may hold against the “cookie cutter” homes of today, the fact also remains that older homes may show signs of age in many ways. The floors, for example, may become dull and damaged and you may need floor repair or replacement. Since flooring in any home is used constantly, it tends to wear down more quickly than other structural items. By paying attention to your floors, through regular maintenance, and by hiring a good flooring company to perform repairs as needed, you can extend the life of your floors.

Refinishing Old Wood Floors

Floor RestorationThe task of refinishing old hardwood floors involves different steps. Waxing and buffing can work well in some cases, but getting the true beauty and richness to shine through, requires a complete refinish. The first thing that you need to do is determine whether the floor is in a good enough condition to be restored and if it is thick enough for withstanding the refinishing. Professionals from a good flooring company such as the ones from our Classic Floors Chicago can tell you if your floors are worth saving.

If they are, then the floors are sanded using sanding machines to remove the old coating and stain. Any scratches, dents, or other damage is repaired. The wood may also be washed and cleaned to remove oils or other residues. Then the floor is stained and coated with the desired finish to give it a completely new and glossy look. The whole process may take a few days or more, depending upon the amount of work and the size of space.

Fixing Sagging Floors

Another issue with older homes is that floors tend to sag towards the center of the house. While this problem is repairable, it may need quite a bit of time to fix. Generally, jack posts and support beams are placed directly under the area that shows sagging. To avoid causing stress and cracks in the building, the jacks are screwed up only a turn or two each month. Any other issues with the home’s support beams and posts or floor joists also need to be addressed if needed. Moisture in the basement or crawl space might contribute to sagging or rotting wood. So any deteriorating or compromised structural parts of the house should also be fixed.

Restoring Hardwood Floors under carpeting

Chicago hardwood floor restorationCarpeting that has covered any wood floors can be removed and the hardwood underneath can be restored. As to how easy or difficult this task is going to be, depends on a lot of different variables. The type of glue used for the carpeting, the damage to the hardwood from the glue, use of nails to put down the carpet, any rust accumulation due to the nails- these are all factors that will dictate the amount of work needed to restore the hardwood floors. Sometimes the job is easy if there is minimal damage, and sometimes you may even end up cutting and patching parts of the floor if it is impossible to repair and restore. Additionally, damage from insects, moisture, and any structural damage might make it very expensive to restore the wood under carpeting.

While you could take on the task of floor restoration for your home, with so many different factors to account for, you can never know what challenges you may face. So unless you are a pro or your flooring requires simple work, it is best left in the hands of professionals. In Chicago hardwood floor restoration can be handled expertly by Classic Floors Chicago. Call us at 773-656-1727 to talk to one of our representatives and find out how we can help you. You can also take a look at our website to find out more about our company, the services we offer, and much more. We pride ourselves for providing premier flooring services in the Chicago area for the past 16 years.

Our affordable pricing, reliable and respectful service, professional and experienced staff, and state-of-the-art equipment makes for an unbeatable experience that you will not find with any other company. Whether it is floor repair or restoration, maintenance, refinishing, or installation- we can do it all. Our experts can also guide you about the choice of floor products and services that you may need. With Classic Floors Chicago, any of your flooring need is easily taken care of.


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