Floor Restoration In Older Homes Using Laminate Floors

May 24th, 2017


Older homes can have some really stunning floors, just waiting for you discover them. Maybe you’ve pulled up the carpets and found that you actually have fantastic hardwood floors. Maybe you bought the home knowing about the repair of the floors, and intend to restore them yourself.

No matter what, there are several ways that you can restore your floors. Using laminate floorboards is one of them. Here’s how you can restore your floors and create a beautiful home with Chicago Hardwood Floor Repair.

Restoring The Original Floor

hardwood floor repair ChicagoThe first option you’ll look into is restoring the floor that’s already in your home. It may be in good enough condition that you can update it for your family, and get it looking like new again. Here a few option that you may have for your floors:

  • Wood sanding: If your wood has signs of wear, or you just want to change the color of the wood, then you’ll need to sand your floors down to the bare wood. If the floors are older, they will more likely than not show signs of wear so this will be your first option.

If you want to do this, it’s a good idea to call out a hardwood floor repair Chicago expert. They can tell you if the floor is thick enough to take a full sanding, and they can carry the job out for you safely.

  • Recoating: If there are only superficial scratches or marks on the floor, then it may just need recoating to remove them. This involves having the floor sanded with a fine grit sander, to remove the top layer of finish from it. Then, new finish will be applied. When applied properly, this can last you for years to come.

Refinishing With Laminate

There may be times when you won’t want to take the time to properly refinish the floor in your home, or won’t be able to. It could be that the process is just too long for you, or that it’s in such poor condition that it can’t be saved. If that’s the case, all isn’t lost. A laminate floor could be the option for you.

The great thing about a laminate floor is that you may not need to rip out the original floor out to use it. It can be laid directly on top of the original flooring, meaning you can keep it just as it is. The fixing process will do as little damage to the floors, too. This is great if you hope to one day properly refinish the floors, or you want to retain them in case you ever sell your home. Those original floors will just be waiting right underneath the laminate.

As any good Chicago laminate floor repair expert will tell you, too, laminate floors are an absolute cinch to have installed. You can either hire fitters to fit it for you or do it yourself. Either way, depending on the size of the room, you could have the whole job done in less than a day. That’s a huge time saving, seeing as painstakingly refinishing a floor can take a while.

Tips For Using Laminate Floorboards

  • Chicago Hardwood Floor RepairIf you decide to go with laminate, shop around and get the best-looking floor you can. You could buy a floor that looks just like the original flooring, or something in a different color if that’s your thing. There’s a huge market out there, so make sure you get exactly what you want.
  • If in doubt, talk to an expert. Our staff is always ready to help, and they can help you pick the right floor for you.
  • Ready your floors for installation: It’s an easier process, but you’ll still need to prepare your home before having laminate installed. Clean the floors thoroughly, move all furniture out, and open windows to create good ventilation.

Laminate floors are the best option when you want to restore your floors, but want to save time and money. It’s amazing what you can get now in laminate, so you can have floors that look just as good as the originals, without the effort. Call us today and see how we can help you get started.

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