Floor Sanding & Coating

Red Oak floor Sanding and Waterbase coating + Wall Fixing

In this job fron Arlington Heights – Illinois we had to resand the existing red oak floor and finish it in waterbase clear coating.

During delivery of our tools and materials, we damaged one of the kitchen walls. Attached you see pictures of the damage and the brand new repaired wall.

We always take care of our costumer and always take responsibility.

Project Images

Our goal is the Happy client, and a job well done !

Refinish your Hardwood Floor with Repairs and Resanding


If you are trying to create a look of elegance or charm in your home, hardwood floors can make all the difference, especially when they are spruced up with repairs and resanding. However, this will all depend on the following:

·         Type of wood

·         Layout of wood

·         Condition of wood

You can refinish your current wood floors to remove dirt that has been ground into the flooring. Resanding the floor can remove dents and dings allowing your floor to look revived and refreshed. Our contractors at Classic Floor Chicago can help you decide on the best approach and services needed to revive your flooring so it can look brand new again!


Costs for Repairs and Resanding


While costs with vary from one company to the next, there is an average price for refinishing, repairing, and resanding your floors. Also, the cost will vary depending on the services that you are interested in. The more that you have done to your wood floors, the higher the cost will be. Some companies in Cook County and surrounding areas may be running current specials and promotions while others are not. Just be sure that you research a company before moving forward, especially if their price is drastically lower than other estimates that you have received.


Services and Prices


The average cost to recoat a slightly worn out floor in a smaller sized room may cost you between $200 and $300. This process is known as screening and can take about a day or two to complete the project. This is a great option for floors that are in good condition.


If your floors need to be completed refinished, the price can be anywhere from $350 to $950 for a room that is 15×15. This job will include:

·         Sanding

·         Applying two to three coats of finish

This job can take anywhere from two to four days but can last several weeks depending on-

·         Type of finish

·         Stain

·         Weather conditions


If you have flooring that will need to be customized, the price will increase quite a bit for refinishing and restoring. The cost can be anywhere from $800 to $1,200 for a 225 square foot job if the flooring is vintage. This cost increases because in order to get the right look for the floor it will need-

·         Multiple coats of chemicals

·         Multiple coats of stain

·         Variety of finishes

This job may take anywhere from one to two weeks to complete.


Contact us today to get a free estimate and find out how we can help your flooring look brand new again!


Added Costs


If your flooring is severely damaged you may need the following:

·         Boards replaced

·         Cracks sealed

·         Stains bleached

·         Repairs

These will increase the costs depending on how severe the problems are.


If you currently have carpeting installed, it will need to be removed before your floors can be examined, repaired, resanded, and restored. This can be a time consuming job that is messy. You will want to find out if a company offers to remove carpeting for an added fee.


If you currently have furniture in the room that you are planning on working on, it will need to be moved. Generally, the homeowners do this but you can ask the flooring company if they can remove this. There may be an added fee for this as well.




Be sure that you get estimates from a variety of contractors. This will help you see what the average cost is for flooring in your local area. At Classic Floors Chicago, we offer affordable prices along with great customer reviews.


Be sure that you research a company with the Better Business Bureau and find out if a company is licensed and bonded.


This will make all the difference on receiving quality work the first time. Contact us today to learn more about the services that we offer and get a free estimate for repairs and resanding your wood floors.