Hardwood Floor Repair for your Home Restoration

July 28th, 2017


Classic Floors Chicago is your source for the best in hardwood floor repairs and restoration. As your Chicago hardwood floor repair specialists, we can bring back the natural luster and shine of all your tiling. This includes Elm, Oak and Pine selections to vinyl and acetate adjustments. We also feature the best wood grains and high-quality materials for all replacements. Whether for homes, apartments or businesses – our extensive showroom features a wide array of Chicago hardwood flooring for any restoration project. Our floor restoration experts are also committed to excellence in all services – and can easily repair and clean all contemporary and/or traditional floors.

Repairing Hardwood Floors – The Essentials

As your Chicago hardwood floor restoration professionals, we utilize cutting-edge techniques to bring new life to your floors. As always, we offer free service estimates and repair quotes – along with the best materials to tackle all types of hardwood repairs and finishes. Here are some of the services we offer for getting your hardwood floors back to normal:

Dustless Wood Floor Refinishing

Dustless finishing is the process of sanding floors using dust containment systems. Dustless refinishing, however, should not be mistaken with a dust-free refinishing. A dustless system usually contains about 60% to 90% of the dust produced by traditional refinishing. As your hardwood floors repair Chicago company, we specialize in dustless wood floor refinishing for all types of floors. In fact, here are our recommendations:

  • We suggest dustless refinishing where sealing certain areas with plastic is hard.
  • Our dustless containment systems feature industrial-strength vacuums with filtration devices – very effective.
  • Our team will determine if dustless refinishing is necessary for your Chicago hardwood flooring or not.
  • We will work with you – to save you money – on the entire hardwood flooring repair or refinishing project.

Wood Sanding Services

We also feature wood sanding, which removes the existing coating layers and stains – down to the bare wood – with sanding machines. At times, flooring sanding is necessary when changing the color of the wood – or when the hardwood has visible signs of wear, gouges, scratches, and dents. Sanding helps when other techniques are simply not able to remove or repair these common –yet extensive – problems. As your Chicago hardwood restoration and repair professionals, here are the steps we take in wood sanding your hardwood floors:

  • Determining if your hardwood floor is thick enough to withstand complete sanding and refinishing.
  • If your hardwood floor meets our sanding criteria, we remove all imperfections with sanding paper – then utilize finer grits to effectively smooth the surface.
  • We then buff the floor – after the initial sanding – to remove sanding marks. We may use wood fillers to close up and cover spaces between boards.
  • Wood fillers will be applied before and during the refinishing process – but only recommended for floors installed on hardwood surfaces. This pretty much wraps up the hardwood floor sanding process.

Hardwood Staining

1Staining is considered the most important step of Chicago hardwood floor refinishing. Staining has many intricacies and details – especially when it comes to the existing color of the floors. In fact, darker staining on lighter floors may reveal more of the sanding imperfections – versus lighter staining. With this in mind, we can advise you on the best types of staining for all wood floors and grains. Here are some of the techniques utilized in staining or re-staining hardwood flooring:

  • Complete pre-staining preparation for your hardwood flooring; selecting the right staining tones, shades and tints to correlate with your floor color.
  • Washing the exposed wood with water – known as popping wood grains.
  • Even washing which is important for even staining application – water washing also removes most of the wood sanding imperfections.
  • We stain hardwood flooring by hand, pads or floor buffers. We also apply each stain evenly and wipe off any excess stain.

We also offer coating, recoating, oil residue cleaning and refinishing. We can also install acetate and vinyl flooring – and most anything flooring related at Classic Floors Chicago. For more information, simply contact us today or visit our website.


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