How to Choose the Right Flooring for your Hallway

February 17th, 2017


laminate flooringWhether you are going to be a first time homeowner thinking about flooring options for your new home, or a longtime homeowner thinking about replacing floors in your home, the flooring decision is perhaps one of the most important decisions you will need to make. Not only will good flooring give you many years of comfort, it can have a major impact on the value of your home.

With so many different materials and design choices, your task of choosing the most suitable flooring is definitely not going to be an easy one. Carpeting of many different types, laminate flooring that has beautifully enticing designs, sturdy and long-lasting hardwood, colorful tiles, and much more is available on the market today. And with all the different rooms in your home to think about, it can get quite stressful to pick the best. Your hallway, for example, is the area where guests get the first impression of your home. The décor and the flooring can make your guests form a good opinion about you and your home and make them feel welcome. So how do you make sure that you choose the right flooring for your hallway? Read on to find out what things you may need to consider.

  • Know that this is a high traffic area. Keep in mind that your hallway is always going to be a high traffic area. Steady traffic makes the flooring of your hallway susceptible to scratches, dents, stains, dirt, and anything else that can get dragged in with your shoes from outside. So putting down a plush carpet may not be a very good choice. You may want to invest in something sturdier that can last for a long time and look good even with all the treading on it.
  • Consider size. Think about how big or small your hallway is. A decorative ceramic tile design with bold colors and motifs, for example, may make a small hallway seem too busy or crowded, especially if you have other decorative items to put there too. A simple, single colored hardwood or laminate floor might be a more suitable option. For larger areas you can even use more than one flooring material and/or design for a more unique look. White stone tiles starting from the exterior door, for example, are easier to clean, and could lead into a dark hardwood floor for a dramatic look.
  • Keep the design and decorative elements of your home in mind. No matter what type of flooring you choose, it should be cohesive with other design elements of your home. If you are into more modern designs and clean, simple, natural colors, the hallway flooring should echo the same style sensibility. A more traditional or ornate interior, accordingly, would need a different hallway floor style. Think of your hallway as another room in your home and don’t be shy to design and style it the way you want. Create impact with patterns and bold colors if you like.


  • Think about the areas adjacent to your hallway. Do you have stairs adjacent to your hallway? Or maybe a mudroom space? These features can also dictate your choice of flooring. If there are different colors and textures in adjoining areas, these might clash and make for an odd look. This does not mean that you need the exact same flooring and accents everywhere either. Just work towards using what creates a harmonious look. If you live in the Chicago area, and have doubts about the type of flooring you need, call Classic Floors Chicago. Our experts can help you not just with flooring choice, but also with floor installation and maintenance.
  • Consider how your hallway is used. If your kids are going to be running into the hallway with muddy boots, or you are going to use part of the space for parking bikes, for example, carpeting or even hardwood floors might not be suitable in these cases. So think about how your hallway is going to be used. With bigger homes, a hallway can have a more formal look and is primarily used for guests. For smaller homes, or homes with growing families, this area can be multifunctional with coat racks, shoe racks, washer, or other necessary items. So the most important thing you need to keep in mind is that the hallway flooring should be practical enough for you to use every day without worrying about damages or time-consuming cleaning methods.


After considering these factors, your choice of flooring for your hallway will become easier to decide. And remember to call Classic Floors Chicago anytime at 773-656-1727 for all your flooring needs from selection, installation, repair, refinishing, maintenance, and more. Our reliable and affordable services are sure to impress you.


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