How to Get Stains out of Your Laminate Flooring

March 21st, 2017


Laminate flooring is a cost-effective alternative to traditional solid hardwood floors. In fact, it is designed to secure a similar appearance to hardwood flooring and tiles. Laminate is essentially man-made or synthetic products that feature three layers or piles that are fused together. This ensures a strong and sturdy product, which continues to soar in global popularity.

At Classic Floors Chicago, we specialize in all types of lamination for residential and commercial establishments. Our showroom gallery features a myriad of colors, designs, grain patterns and styles that are sure to match any décor. From homes to offices, we are committed to excellence in installing and maintaining all customized laminate flooring solutions.

What Does Laminate Flooring Consist Of?

Laminate FlooringAs your Chicago floor installation experts, we bring years of extensive experience to any home or office remodeling project. Our highly-dedicated installers and designers are fully certified and insured to tackle any job as well. In fact, no laminate or hardwood floor installation is ever too big or small, and we offer a range of daily discounts and specials on all designs and patterns. When it comes to Chicago laminate flooring, it is important to understand what materials and components are used. This includes:

  • The Bottom Layer – this is the part that touches the sub-floor (the foundation of a floor in a building), which is constructed to resist moisture that causes warp and aging.
  • The Middle Layer – this is the inner core play, which is made of resin and fiberboard materials. It helps secure the strength, durability, and sturdiness of laminate pieces that are fused together. It also prevents pieces from bucking, bending, bowing or warping.
  • The Top Layer – This is the hard-surface product that is designed to resist scratches and dents. This is an essential layer since it prevents your floors from absorbing liquids – and therefore – stops stains and spots from gaining a foothold across your floors.

Chicago laminate floor installation is done to perfection by our dedicated team. In fact, we truly go above and beyond the call of duty to meet all your needs within time and budget. This includes helping customers find the right types of flooring for their properties, along with the grains, colors, and design patterns. As always, we offer substantial discounts on all products –and always use the highest-grade of materials with each installation or flooring enhancement project.

Why Install Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring can easily simulate wood, stone, metal and other popular surfaces. Whether for homes or businesses, we have the tools and expertise to install lamination in a timely and professional manner. Over the years, however, many customers have inquired about the benefits of lamination over traditional hardwood floors? The following are some of the timely answers and options we have given:

  • Laminate flooring is less expensive and easier to install than hardwood tiles and flooring.
  • Laminate floors are also easier to maintain over the years; especially when it comes to common or extensive stains.
  • Laminate flooring is easier to clean and maintain –since the top layer –is basically a photographic application that is covered by clear protective materials.

With laminate floor installation Chicago, we monitor the entire process from start to finish. This includes resin treatments that are perfect for microbial resistance. As a popular and cost-effective solution, laminate is now the preferred mode of flooring for countless businesses and homes across the Greater Chicago area.

Hardwood Flooring Installations and Services

Classic Floor ChicagoAt Classic Floors Chicago, we are proud to offer a wide array of services at cost-efficient prices. From laminate and hardwood flooring installations to repairs and refinishing, we simply do it all! Whether in the market for Oak, Pine, Elm or even mixed grains – we use only the highest quality wood selections and products. We also oversee each project with a strong eye on detail and accuracy. This prevents any mistakes or delays, while ensuring our customers receive quality workmanship and performance across the board. From remodels and renovations to new home sales, we are always available for expedited flooring and tiling installations.

For the best in Chicago hardwood and laminate flooring services, simply contact us today or visit our website for a wide selection of tiles and designs. At Classic Floors Chicago, our aim is to meet all your flooring needs in an affordable and professional manner.



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