Installing New Red Oak Floor

New Red Oak Floor – Satin Finish

Red Oak has a generally even grain. Because it grows slowly, oak is notable for having many growth rings on each board. Variations in color are very limited over time, even if the floor is exposed to intense light. Nevertheless, Classic Floors Chicago applies a UV protector at the finishing stage to preserve all the luster of its original color.

The sapwood of the oak ranges from white to pale brown, while the heartwood is reddish brown. Trough floor staining darker color tones or the wood floor could be achieved.

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For this project from Munster, Indiana area a red oak floor was installed. After hardwood floor installation, a low-luster finish, such as a satin finish was applied. This hides small scratches, imperfections and daily wear and tear. Families with small children and pets may find this finish preferable. With less shine to maintain, satin looks newer longer than does a high-gloss finish.

Sanding and Restaining to Refinish Hardwood Floors


If you have hardwood floors, you are probably well aware of the benefits but may not be sure about the advantage to sanding and restaining them. One of the greatest benefits is that when your floor starts to wear down and not look as beautiful as it once has, you can refinish your hardwood and restore it to its former beauty.


Refinishing your floor involves-

When you hire a professional to sand your hardwood flooring, they will be able to get past any blemishes and they can remove the current finish.


Once your floors have been refinished by Classic Floors Chicago, it will look like it is newly installed hardwood flooring. But the best part is that you achieved this look for just a small fraction of the cost of brand new flooring!

Sanding and Restaining

Cost of Refinishing


The cost of resanding and restaining your floors will vary from company to company across the nation, including throughout Cook County.


On average, to refinish hardwood flooring it can cost you anywhere from $1.50 to $5.00 per square foot.


On the other hand, to install new hardwood flooring the costs can start at $8.00 per square foot and increase from there.


The cost that you will ultimately pay for refinishing your flooring will be determined by the following:

Generally, to refinish hardwood flooring it will take about four to five hours for every 100 square feet.


Labor Costs Associated with Sanding and Restaining


In your estimate, you will be quoted a cost for labor as well. This will include four major parts that will be involved in the refinishing of your hardwood flooring project.


First, you will have to pay for preparation work which is getting the floor ready. This includes:


Next, labor costs will include sanding with the use of a sanding machine. This machine will take your wood floors surface down below any blemishes or treatments that are on your current flooring.


The third labor cost will involve staining. After your floors have been sanded, they will be untreated and raw. Once this is complete, stain or other color treatments can be applied if you would like the surface decorated.


Lastly, you will pay for the labor involved with the finish. After you floors have been sanded, they are no longer protected. This will leave your floor vulnerable to-

To protect your investment of hardwood flooring, a coat of finish will need to be applied. This will be an invisible layer of protection over your wood floors.


Added Costs to Sanding and Restaining Your Wood Floors


While an averaRestaining your wood floorsge cost was listed above, there are several factors that can affect the final price of your refinishing project. These include the following:

  1. Size of the floor-smaller than average rooms may cost more because of the need for specialized equipment
  2. Location of your home and the business-larger city businesses may cost more
  3. Reliability-using a company that is not reliable may cost you double since you may have to hire another company to fix their mistakes
  4. Moving furniture and appliances-the room will need to be completely empty and if you cannot move the bigger items, the company may charge extra to do it for you
  5. Cleanup-this will be a messy project and you will want to find out who is responsible for cleaning up and if there is a fee involved
  6. Carpeting and other flooring-if you need other flooring removed to reveal hardwood flooring, this will increase your costs

When you contact us, we can offer you a free estimate and answer any questions that you may have regarding costs associated with your sanding and restaining project.