Laminate Flooring Restoration – Bring your Home Back!

November 26th, 2017


With any type of flooring, the number one challenge is always trying to maintain the appearance of the floors for as long as possible. After a number of years of foot traffic, scuffs, spills, pets, and whatever else life throws at the floors, over time, those once beautiful floors begin to lose their original luster. But don’t worry! Just because the floors start to lose their original luster and beauty doesn’t mean that those same floors need to be replaced. In fact, floor restoration on laminate floors is much easier than many people think.

What is Laminate Flooring?

2Laminate flooring is a special type of flooring that is built with multiple layers that make them resilient to daily wear and tear or foot traffic in the home. Laminate floors are a great option for families of all types and sizes. They’re easy to clean and keep their appearance much longer and much easier than natural wood floors.

Laminate floors contain four layers. Starting with the innermost layers, the backing layer, the inner core, the design layer, and the wear layer. These four layers, when combined, lock out moisture, prevent bulbous spots, and keep the floors flat.

However, at Chicago Hardwood Floor Restoration, we know that life happens. Which means that wears, tears, spills, and everything else life throws at you are going to happen to your floors. So here’s a hand guide to restoring your floors in between professional restoration.

Sweep Regularly

Sweeping your floors a few time a week will not only keep your house looking good, but it will also help to keep your floors looking day one new for much longer. Dirt and debris, like the kind that is drug in from the bottom of your shoes, can dig into the laminate and cause surface scratches. Over time, this will cause the floors to look dull and worn. The best way to clean laminate floors is to sweep with a microfiber cloth. The microfiber attracts dust, dirt, and debris with a gentle cloth that won’t scratch or damage the floors.

Vacuum Often

Those same tiny specks of dirt and rocks that come from the bottom of your shoe sometimes do slip off the microfiber cloth. Even though vacuuming isn’t everyone’s favorite activity, it’s an absolute must to maintaining laminate floors. Hard-floor vacuums and multi-floor vacuums are often much more lightweight than traditional carpet vacuums. Always vacuum the laminate floors before mopping. If you don’t, then you risk spreading the dirt across the floor and scratching the floors up.

Keep the Floors Dry

Obviously, after a spill, the first instinct is to clean it up right away to avoid slips and falls. Even though laminate floors are prone to resist moisture, it’s never a good idea to have puddles of liquids around. In the case of mopping, laminate floors, like natural wood floors do not need to be super wet in order to get clean during a mopping session. Always be sure to check that the product is designed for laminate floors only. This includes when looking for shine and wax products, as well as floor cleaning products.

Keeping Your Floors Beautiful

pro-pic6At Chicago Laminate Floor Repair we know just how important home floors are. In fact, the floors are typically the first thing people notice about a home. Whether in an older home or a newly built home, the floors truly bring a home’s appearance together. Which is why maintaining the appearance of the floors is so important. Beautiful floors can add significant value to the home.

Laminate floors are a smart option for homes and apartments of any size. They offer the look and feel of traditional hardwood floors with the added durability that comes with laminate. Any type of flooring over time will begin to show natural wear and tear, no matter how well the floors are maintained. With that being said, that is why we are some of the best in the business when it comes to floor restoration. We know how to bring your floors back to life so that homeowners don’t have to completely replace the floors. Find out how we can make your home’s floors new again.


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