A Guide to Laminate Flooring Types

September 15th, 2017


Laminate floors may have a few critics, however, they are quickly becoming the most popular home and office flooring choice. They are often less expensive than their traditional wood or carpet counterparts and far more durable. Laminate floors are so popular because of their ability to take on the look and appearance of natural wood flooring types that would normally be far too delicate for everyday wear and tear. Chicago Floor installation has created this handy buying guide for those who are considering a new change and look in floors.

Care and Maintenance

Chicago Floor installationThe first thing any floor buyer wants to know about the flooring they are purchasing is just how durable is the floor. Laminate floors are scratch proof, stain proof, and mostly waterproof, making them perfect for rooms that have heavy or frequent traffic in the home. Not only are people worried about how durable they are, but also, like anything, floors need to be cleaned. So just how easy are laminate floors to clean? Laminate floors can be easy swept, vacuumed, and even mopped. Specific cleaners do exist for laminate floors, however, unlike traditional wood floors, are not required. In fact, you can even make your own DIY floor cleaner with equal parts water and vinegar.

Laminate Flooring Installation

Installing laminate floors is so easy that most people can do it themselves. However, nothing beats the care and attention that a professional installer can give. Since laminate floors are considered a “floating” floor, they do require a bit of space around the perimeter of the room to allow for expansion in particularly humid rooms or seasons. Any professional will already know this and install accordingly. Always use doormats at the exterior doorway to reduce wear and tear on the surface of the floor. Floor protectors or casters on furniture legs will help prevent scratching. While laminate floors can handle water, it is best to wipe up any liquid spills as soon as they happen.

Where to Install Laminate?

Installing new floors usually require some thinking and few practicalities to consider. Depending on the room or the feel one would like to invoke in a room will usually determine the type and color of flooring that will eventually be installed. Fortunately, because of laminate’s extreme versatility, it can be installed in just about any room and in any color. This type of flooring looks great in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms as well as the foyer or entrance to a home, in an office or den, and always looks amazing in kitchens and bathrooms. A home can look beautiful throughout thanks to the wide variety and versatility of laminate floors.

Who Loves Laminate Floors?

ppiIndividuals who suffer from allergies from dust, pollen, or pet dander will love the allergy-friendliness of laminate floors. Cleaned regularly and properly, like with sweeping and vacuuming, laminate floors can help to reduce the effects caused by allergies. Those who love easy to clean and easy to maintain floors will love laminate. Most traditional wood floors require polishing and waxing in order for the floors to keep their day one shine. However, with laminate, that day one shine will last for as long as you have the floors. People who have pets will love how easy it is to clean up after those indoor accidents. Pet accidents can permanently damage a wood floor to the extent that sanding and resurfacing is necessary. However, with laminate, just clean up the mess as you would on tile or stone and that’s it!

Laminate floors come in a wide variety of colors and styles, making them the perfect flooring solution for everyone in the home. Often designed and made to mimic natural wood floors, colors, styles, and textures, this type of flooring can allow individuals to have the floors they have always dreamed of. This type of flooring is perfect in any and every room of the house. Not only that, but laminate floors are ideal for people who suffer from allergies, people who have children, or people who have pets. They are easy to install, even easier to clean, and are beautiful in design. Get the beauty of traditional hardwood floors without the price.


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