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Hardwood floor repairing, sanding, staining with top notch finnish in Northbrook – Illinois

After hours of hard work, the hardwood floor was fixed and resanded. After staining, a clear satin coating was applied for protection and easy maintenance. A beautiful restored luxurian hardwood floor emerged after all this, making the client really proud by choosing Classic Floors Chicago for the job.

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Repair and Refinish Your Wood Floors


When it comes to improving the look of your wood floors, you can choose between repair and refinish or you can completely replace the flooring. Choosing which option is best may seem overwhelming with so many choices such as:

We can offer you an estimate and explain the options that you have and help you choose the one that is best for you when you contact us!


Deciding on Repairing and Refinishing


If you currently have carpeting in your home but know that there is hardwood flooring underneath, you may feel that the choice has been made for you. However, the condition of the wood flooring that has been underneath carpet for years may not be ideal or cost efficient to refinish.


Refinishing hardwood floors may depend on-

Our contractors in Cook County can help you decide if you should repair and refinish or replace your food floors altogether.


If you only have one or two bad planks that need to be replaced, you can save money on replacement by simply getting the problematic boards repaired and then refinish the floor.

Repair and refinish

Choosing to Restore Your Wood Floor


You will have many options as mentioned above when it comes to your wood floors. Before making your final decision you will want to assess the condition of your current flooring and think about the project as a whole in terms of-

We offer many services for your flooring. We can help you repair, refinish, or replace your wood flooring throughout your home.


Hardwood Flooring Decisions


You will want to think about your living situations when trying to decide how to move forward with your flooring options. Can you live with hardwood flooring? If you have had carpet in your home for as long as you can remember, switching to wood floors may be quite a large change. Wood floors have a different comfort level and aesthetic level to offer your home. These types of floors may be colder in the winter and they may be a bit noisier than you are used to with carpet. While these are not negatives, since your wood floors can be covered with an area rug, it is still something that you will want to keep in mind. Rugs can also protect your new wood floors from getting scratched and scuffed which can make it last longer in between refinishes.


Wood Floors Can Help with Allergies


Wood floors may be a great option if anyone in your family suffers from allergies due to-

These types of floors are an allergenic since they are easy to clean with a broom and mop. Also, the allergies cannot hide among the fibers are the floor like carpet since wood is non-porous.


Consider the Condition of Your Current Flooring


If you rip out the old carpeting in your home and see that there are only a few floorboards that are damaged, repair and refinishing may be the best way to go since it will come with little-added cost. However, you will want to be sure that your contractor feels that they can match the new boards to the original flooring.


If you remove the carpet and find that the floors have deep scratches, nails, and discoloration you may want to replace the flooring since these will be difficult to sand out. If you feel like you can live with the scratches (if they are barely noticeable), repair and refinish with Classic Floors Chicago may be the way to go.