Three Problems Your Hardwood Floors Will Face

April 5th, 2017


Hardwood flooring is one of the best flooring options for your home. It’s beautiful, it’s classic, and it can be hardwearing. Like any flooring though, there are problems that can occur with it after it’s been laid in your home. Here at Classic Floors Chicago, we have years of expertise in caring for hardwood floors. Here are three common problems you may encounter, and how to deal with them.

  1. Water Damage

Hardwood FloorsYour Chicago hardwood floors will last for years, but if they’re exposed to excessive water, then they can encounter problems. This is why it’s often recommended that you don’t fit hardwood floors in your bathrooms. Here are just some of the problems that can occur:

  • Cupping: This happens when the underneath of a board is wetter than the top. The ‘cupping’ occurs when the board curls up, creating a curved shape. It can often happen when boards are installed on damp surfaces.
  • Buckling: This happens when there’s excess moisture on the boards. This leads to them moving away from the subfloor and can even pop door frames and trims out of place.
  • Abnormal gaps: Flooring will move slightly, but if installed correctly it should hold in place. When the boards are wet though, they can move more, creating gaps in the flooring.

Most of these issues can be solved by removing moisture from the wood, so it can go back to normal. In extreme circumstances though, you may need to relay the floor.

  1. Improper Finishing Techniques

When you floor has been laid, it needs to be finished properly in order to be able to hold up to everyday use. Here’s some issues you may encounter if it’s not finished properly:

  • Peeling finish: This happens when a finish was improperly applied. This could be because the floor was incorrectly sanded, the finish itself was contaminated, or the wrong finish was used for your floor.
  • Debris in the finish: Wet finish can attract all kinds of nasties from the area around it. Dust, dirt and hair can get stuck in it if the room was not properly cleaned before application.
  • Sanding blemishes: This can happen when your Chicago floors have been improperly sanded in between layers of finish. The finish itself magnifies the blemishes, making them obvious.

In most cases, these issues can be corrected by re-sanding the floors and refinishing them properly. This can be a long and intensive job, but it’s worth it to get your floors looking their best.

  1. Wear And Tear

Chicago Hardwood FloorsLike any floors, your hardwood floors will eventually show signs of wear and tear. Here’s how hardwood floors most often show their wear:

  • Excessive wear: If the floor starts showing wear after only a couple of years of use, something may have gone wrong during the installation process. Maybe the floor wasn’t sanded correctly, or the finish wasn’t allowed to dry correctly.
  • Stains: These can happen if anything abrasive or corrosive is dropped onto the floor. When this happens, the only way to really remove it is to sand the stain out and refinish the wood.
  • Fractures: These happen when the nailers used to fix the wood in place have created too much force, making the wood fracture. Most good fitters should replace the board when this happens, but sometimes they aren’t, leaving you with a broken floor board.

How To Avoid These Issues

Most of these common issues come about when floorboards aren’t properly installed or cared for. If you’re serious about having a hardwood floor that will last for years, call on us at Chicago Hardwood Floors. Our fitters will take every care to fit your floor carefully, and finish it correctly, in order to keep it looking new for longer.

If you have any problems with your floor, you can call us back too. We take great pride in our floors, so we want you to be happy with them.

Keep an eye out for any of these issues in your flooring. You can avoid most of them with proper care, but if they do occur it’s not the end of the world. Call in our experts and we’ll ensure that your floors are made beautiful again.


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