Three Reasons Laminate Is A Better Investment For Kitchens

December 18th, 2017


If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen, you’ll see that you have a lot of options when it comes to your flooring. You can go with tiling or solid wood planks, but laminate flooring is actually often the best option. Here are three reasons why you should consider laminate floor installation Chicago.

1. It’s Easy To Replace A Board If Needed

Untitled12Laminate flooring is a lot more sturdy than you’d think. Like all flooring options though, accidents happen and sometimes a section needs to be replaced. If this needs to happen, with laminate flooring it’s a lot easier than with other options.

This is because laminate flooring is a ‘floating’ floor. This means that the floorboards aren’t actually connected to the substrate, as tiles, for example, would be. The boards are connected but not attached to each other, so it’s simple to remove a section when needed and replace it.

This does take some forethought when you have the flooring installed. It’s worth buying an extra carton of laminate boards and keep them safe, for this very reason. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use them, but if you do, you’ll have them to hand. If you don’t, you may find that your flooring company doesn’t keep them in stock anymore.

2. The Composition Of Laminate Makes It Stronger

Any flooring option you use for your kitchen needs to be hard wearing. It’s the heart of the home, and so will see people coming in and out of it all day long. That means that it could be prone to scratches and other signs of damage over time.

With a laminate floor, you’ll minimise this risk. This is because a laminate floorboard is made up of three different layers. There’s the core substrate, the image layer, which gives the floorboard the look you desire, and then the wear layer.

The wear layer is designed solely to protect the floorboard from damage. It’s usually made of melamine and is tough enough to stand up to most of the wear your family will put it through. The best way to ensure you’re getting good laminate flooring is to check it’s AC rating. Most laminate made for residential use is made to AC 3 standard. If you’re worried about your flooring getting a lot of use, you can even find AC 4 rated laminate for residential markets now.

3. Laminate Can Stand Up To Most Water Spills

2In your kitchen, water and other liquids are going to be spilled. It happens, and as long as you mop it up quickly, it isn’t going to be much of a problem. Many people avoid Chicago laminate floor installation though, as they think that water will damage it beyond repair.

In fact, a laminate can stand up to water much better than you’d think. Water can damage any kind of flooring, including tiles. Tiles themselves are waterproof, but it can get into the grouting and cause problems that way, as it’s so porous. Laminate has the advantage here as it doesn’t require grouting or other means to keep it connected to the floor.

If you do spill anything on the floor, mopping it up quickly will prevent any problems from occurring. It’s the core substrate that is vulnerable to water, so unless you’re leaving the water to soak into your floorboards for a considerable amount of time, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Laminate Is A Great Option For Your Kitchen

Laminate flooring is a great, cost-effective option for your kitchen. As you’ve seen, it can stand up to a lot of wear, something that’s important in any kitchen. If the worst does happen, it’s easy to replace without having to relay the entire floor.

Laminate flooring comes in countless colors and styles, so you can pick the floor that will complement your decor perfectly. It’s incredibly cost-effective too, giving you the look of solid wood floors without the price tag. Who can say no to that?

If you’ve decided laminate is the thing for your kitchen, get in touch. We’ll help you pick the right flooring, and even install it for you. All you’ll have to do is enjoy your perfect new kitchen flooring!


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