Red Oak Floor Refinishing

Oak hardwood floors wear well and look their best when properly refinished. Bring back charm and elegance to your home by adding luster and shine to your oak hardwood floors.

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For this project, a red oak floor needed refinishing and reconditioning. A low-luster finish, such as a satin finish, hides small scratches, imperfections and daily wear and tear. Families with small children and pets may find this finish preferable. With less shine to maintain, satin looks newer longer than does a high-gloss finish.

Hardwood Floor Restoration for Your Home


When the finish that is protecting your floor begins to erode away due to constant wear and tear, it may be time for hardwood floor restoration. There are options that you will be able to choose from but the most popular choice is to scuff and buff. Your hardwood flooring is an investment and you want to keep it in great shape. Part of keeping your floors in the best shape possible is knowing how to correctly fix it.


You will want to hire a professional to come out to your home and lightly scuff your floors. This professional should know how to properly do this so that they can create as little excess dust as possible.


If you have caught the erosion in time, the contractor will be able to come out to your home, scuff the floor and then recoat it with a new finish. You will then need to wait one to three days for it to dry before placing the furniture back on it. This option may cost your roughly $1 to $2 a square foot but it is a great alternative to completely sanding the floors.

Sanding for restoration

Sanding Your Hardwood Floor


If you have not caught the erosion of your finish in time, you may have to resort to hiring a professional to sand the floor for you. You may need to sand your flooring if you notice the following:

If you have noticed any of these, you will most likely need to sand and refinish your flooring. While this may be costly and can lead to a dusty home, it will be worth it the price to save your investment.


Can you Refinish all Wood Flooring?


If you have laminate, it is important that you understand that it cannot be refinished. In addition to that, if you have tongue and groove hardwood flooring, it cannot be refinished after sanding as many times as plank hardwood flooring can.


In order to refinish the flooring in your Cook County home, the planks will need to be at least ¾ inch thick. Many of the newer hardwood flooring options are not this thick, so you will need to be sure that you are paying attention to the erosion of the finish so that you can avoid the need for refinishing.


If your flooring is not capable of being refinished, you will need to turn to replacement.


Replacing Your Hardwood Flooring


While this option may seem frightening due to costs and time that will need to be invested, chances are you may not have to replace the entire flooring. Our contractor can come out to your home and see which areas will need to be replaced, if any. If the damage to your floor is contained, you may be able to save money on partly replacing and partly refinishing in order to restore your floor to its former glory.

Hardwood floor restoration

Repairing Your Flooring


Sometimes, you may notice that just a couple of areas of your flooring need to be repaired. If this is the case, our contractor can come out to your home and fix the following:

By doing this, you can avoid paying extra and you can avoid creating a project that takes a long time to complete.


To find out what services that you could benefit from including hardwood floor restoration, contact us today!