Restore Instead Of Replacing – Try It With Your Hardwood Floor

August 29th, 2017


If you’re thinking of replacing your hardwood floor, you’ve likely either had it for a long time or just discovered it under your carpeting. While replacing the floors will give you a beautiful new floor to work with, it’s a lot of effort and in fact can be very expensive and hard work to get done.

Have you considered having your hardwood floor repaired? Floor restoration services can help bring that old floor back up to its best, saving you the hassle of replacing it and helping you get a brand new looking floor for less. Here’s how companies such as us here at Classic Floors Chicago can help you.

Why Restore Rather Than Replace?

Floor restoration servicesThere are a few reasons why you may decide to restore your hardwood floors, rather than having them replaced entirely:

  • You already like your floors, and would rather not replace them. They may look old and worn down now, but you like that floor and you don’t want to pull it all up. With a little bit of elbow grease though, they’ll look amazing again.
  • You want to save cash on home renovation. Replacing floors is an expensive and time-consuming job, whereas restoring them can be a lot easier.
  • You’ve got an antique or original floor that you don’t want to remove. Have it restored, and your home will look fantastic with its original flooring.

Ways You Can Have Your Floor Restored

There are a few different ways that Chicago Hardwood Floor Repair can restore your floors. When you call out a contractor, they’ll come and look at your floors, and recommend one of the following options to you:

  • Wood Sanding: Your floor may need sanding down back to the original bare wood, so it can be refinished. The contractor will look at your floors, looking to see how thick the wood is, how many times it’s been sanded before, and at the quality of the wood. They’ll determine how many times the floor will have to be sanded, and ensure that an even finish is acquired.
  • Staining: Staining is an important part of floor restoration, as it gives the floor an even finish. It can be applied by hand, pad or floor buffer, depending on the size of the job.
  • Coating: Once the stain is down, you’ll need to coat it in order to preserve the look of the floor. We can use water based, oil based, or acid curing styles of the coating. Water based coats are recommended in homes with small children or pets, while the others are best in high traffic areas as they can withstand wear and spills without marking.
  • Recoating: In the cases where only superficial damage has occurred to the floor, it may be better simply to re-coat the floor. A professional will buff the floor where it has been damaged, and recoat it to conceal the damage.
  • Oil Residue Cleanup: Where oil soaps and other products have been used, it can be hard to get coats and varnish to stick to the floor. Our professionals can clean this oil residue off your floors using a special water and degreaser mixture.

DIY Or Hire A Professional?

Hardwood FloorIf you want to restore your floors, then getting in a professional can sound expensive. Surely you can do the job yourself?

You absolutely can, but many DIYers go into restoration jobs without realizing just how hard they can be. You can spend days restoring a floor, giving up your evenings and weekends until it’s done. Instead, it can often be better to bring in the experts.

Here at Chicago Floor Restoration, we’re experts with years of experience. We can come in and do the job quickly and efficiently. That means you won’t be giving your home over to restoration for long, and you’ll have the use of that room back as quickly as possible.

If you want to restore your floors, give us a call. We can help you get a floor that’s beautiful, without you having to make major renovations in your home. We’ll come in a give you a quote, so you can decide what you want to do with your floors.


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