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Everyone wants to be able to say “mission accomplished” when looking back at a successful project. To facilitate this we provide a number of exceptional services. Trust and comfort are important factors when making a large investment, which a solid hardwood floor usually is. Therefore, through close dialogue and personal relations we make your needs and requirements our key to providing the highest quality products and service on the market.

We provide professional hardwood floor custom designs, installation, sanding, refinishing, wood stairs and rails. Our services include both residential and commercial areas.

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Floor Repairing


Wood Floor Sanding & Restoration


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Wood stairs and rails

Once our team has spoken to you about your flooring requirements, they will come to your home or business and provide you with advice on the best plan of action and give you a free quotation. When the project is ready to be undertaken, our experienced workers will come to your home or business, at your convenience, and begin the work.

How and where do we work?

Whatever your wooden floor needs, we here at Classic Floors Chicago have the solution, and you will find that our professionalism and customer service is hard to beat. Besides our wood floor installation services, we can provide both commercial and domestic customers with a complete wooden floor restoration service at a price that not only beats our competitors but also eliminates the need for you to replace your existing floor at cost.

1 Residential Hardwood Floor Installation

When talking about hardwood flooring installation, we are referring to solid wood flooring installation (3/8, 1/2, 5/8, ¾ inch thick) of any type or species of wood, with an unfinished or a factory prefinished face. In this category, the only major difference will be between the unfinished and the prefinished hardwood floors, as the thickness or the width of the wood planks does not affect the process of installation very much. In the unfinished category, the most common wood is Red Oak followed by White Oak, Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Hickory, Ash and Pine. Hardwood floors are typically installed with nails, staples or cleats onto a wooden subfloor base and over a layer of felt paper used for sound proofing. In planks wider than 3 ¼ inch construction glue is required to compensate for the distance between the nails. Even though the wood installation looks like a very complex process, for the flooring professional it is quite an easy task. As soon as the homeowner determines the type of the wood, they will look for a starting point (straight line wall), calculate the necessary space for expansion and start laying down the wood. The prefinished wood floors are going to take longer to be installed because the installer has to make sure the prefinished face is protected at all time to avoid dents or scratches.

2 Commercial Hardwood flooring

We understand that coordination between the multiple trades working on a commercial space is the key to success. We can always adapt our schedule to the project schedule, and we are always ready to deploy multiple teams to the job site in order to finish the project accordingly.

If a wood floor is desired in a commercial space, we recommend installing a solid hardwood flooring of ¾” thick and nothing less than ½”.

The wood can be prefinished or unfinished. The prefinished wood is a good option because the manufacturers give a warranty for the finish for 5 to 25 years depending on the brand. The manufacturers will use a stronger type of finish and do over 12 coats when finishing the wood. That type of preparation will not be possible on an unfinished wood installed and coated at the job site.

When the finish wears off, the floor will have to be refinished and coated as a regular hardwood floor. The advantage of an unfinished wood is the easy installation and the wide choice of color stain. The unfinished hardwood floor will have to be coated with commercial grade finishes at least 3 times to ensure a good protective top layer. The advantage of installing a solid hardwood floor is that it can be refinished multiple times without the need of replacing the floor.

3 Repairing and refinishing

Here at Classic Floors Chicago, we take wood flooring restoration very seriously, and we appreciate that a good wood floor not only adds to the value of a property but also improves the feel of your home. That is why we do our very best to ensure that your old floor is transformed into a fantastic new one and our experienced and friendly workforce will use all their expertise and knowledge to provide you with both a floor and service that is second to none.