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Three Reasons Laminate Is A Better Investment For Kitchens

December 18th, 2017

If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen, you’ll see that you have a lot of options when it comes to your flooring. You can go with tiling or solid wood planks, but laminate flooring is actually often the best option. Here are three reasons why you should consider laminate floor installation Chicago.

1. It’s Easy To Replace A Board If Needed

Untitled12Laminate flooring is a lot more sturdy than you’d think. Like all flooring options though, accidents happen and sometimes a section needs to be replaced. If this needs to happen, with laminate flooring it’s a lot easier than with other options.

This is because laminate flooring is a ‘floating’ floor. This means that the floorboards aren’t actually connected to the substrate, as tiles, for example, would be. The boards are connected but not attached to each other, so it’s simple to remove a section when needed and replace it.

This does take some forethought when you have the flooring installed. It’s worth buying an extra carton of laminate boards and keep them safe, for this very reason. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use them, but if you do, you’ll have them to hand. If you don’t, you may find that your flooring company doesn’t keep them in stock anymore.

2. The Composition Of Laminate Makes It Stronger

Any flooring option you use for your kitchen needs to be hard wearing. It’s the heart of the home, and so will see people coming in and out of it all day long. That means that it could be prone to scratches and other signs of damage over time.

With a laminate floor, you’ll minimise this risk. This is because a laminate floorboard is made up of three different layers. There’s the core substrate, the image layer, which gives the floorboard the look you desire, and then the wear layer.

The wear layer is designed solely to protect the floorboard from damage. It’s usually made of melamine and is tough enough to stand up to most of the wear your family will put it through. The best way to ensure you’re getting good laminate flooring is to check it’s AC rating. Most laminate made for residential use is made to AC 3 standard. If you’re worried about your flooring getting a lot of use, you can even find AC 4 rated laminate for residential markets now.

3. Laminate Can Stand Up To Most Water Spills

2In your kitchen, water and other liquids are going to be spilled. It happens, and as long as you mop it up quickly, it isn’t going to be much of a problem. Many people avoid Chicago laminate floor installation though, as they think that water will damage it beyond repair.

In fact, a laminate can stand up to water much better than you’d think. Water can damage any kind of flooring, including tiles. Tiles themselves are waterproof, but it can get into the grouting and cause problems that way, as it’s so porous. Laminate has the advantage here as it doesn’t require grouting or other means to keep it connected to the floor.

If you do spill anything on the floor, mopping it up quickly will prevent any problems from occurring. It’s the core substrate that is vulnerable to water, so unless you’re leaving the water to soak into your floorboards for a considerable amount of time, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Laminate Is A Great Option For Your Kitchen

Laminate flooring is a great, cost-effective option for your kitchen. As you’ve seen, it can stand up to a lot of wear, something that’s important in any kitchen. If the worst does happen, it’s easy to replace without having to relay the entire floor.

Laminate flooring comes in countless colors and styles, so you can pick the floor that will complement your decor perfectly. It’s incredibly cost-effective too, giving you the look of solid wood floors without the price tag. Who can say no to that?

If you’ve decided laminate is the thing for your kitchen, get in touch. We’ll help you pick the right flooring, and even install it for you. All you’ll have to do is enjoy your perfect new kitchen flooring!



What you Need to Know About Moisture and Hardwood Floors

November 13th, 2017

When you make the decision to upgrade your home with hardwood flooring you are increasing your home’s value and adding a natural beauty to your home. Once installing hardwood floors there are important things that homeowners need to know when it comes to moisture and how it can affect your valuable investment. One main thing to consider is that the wood on your floor will experience a seasonal movement.

There are specific conditions that your floor will encounter with these changes in seasonal movement. One option to avoid the effects of moisture on hardwood floors is to look into an alternative to hardwood floors that is less demanding to maintain known as laminate flooring. Whatever your decision is for your home hardwood flooring, you can be sure that adding this natural effect to your home will create a welcoming, luxury ambiance.

Seasonal Movement

Untitled8The experts at our Chicago Hardwood Floor Installation Center can help you understand the seasonal movement of wood flooring and how it responds to variations in humidity throughout the seasons by expanding and contracting. Though the wood is put through the process of being dried and cut before installation, these weather impacts on the wood are inevitable. During the warmer summer months where the weather is more humid, the wood on the floor will expand. When the cooler winter weather comes there is less humidity in the air, thus the wood contracts. Because this a normal process for the wood, the only way to control this movement is to install humidity controls in rooms where wood flooring is installed and make sure the controls are fully functioning before installing the hardwood floors.

Wood Floor Conditions Due to Weather Changes

While wood floors should last the lifetime of the home, moisture is one of the biggest enemies of homeowners enjoying this prestigious upgrade. One common thing to watch for as humidity levels change within the environment are cracks in the flooring. Certain types of flooring will show the cracks more than others, but these cracks usually close up as moisture is released back into the air and the wood expands. Cupping and crowning are other natural reactions that occur with moisture contact to the hardwood floor.

Cupping is when the edges of the boards are higher than the center of the board and usually happens after water is spilled on the floor and has been absorbed into the wood. Crowning is the opposite of cupping. With crowning, the middle of the board rises up above the edges and occurs when the floor encounters moisture as well. Buckling is another extreme reaction that moisture can cause to hardwood floors. Though this usually only happens when the floor is flooded, this effect can be repaired.

Laminate Flooring Versus Hardwood Flooring

pic333Laminate flooring is an alternative to hardwood flooring that has some benefits that make it a desirable option for homeowners. It gives a similar appearance and is easier to install and it does not experience the same negative impacts of humidity as natural hardwood flooring encounters. Our experienced Chicago Floor Installation company can help you understand the distinct differences from these two types of flooring and how they affect your home’s value, the maintenance required to preserve their appearance, and provide answers to all of your flooring comparison questions. While both types of flooring are durable, there are certain components that make each one desirable over the other and contacting our experienced professionals can help you to make the best choice to fit your home needs.

Chicago Floor Installation

Classic Floor Chicago is a professional flooring company that has been providing quality services to satisfied customers for over 16 years in the Chicago land area. Their large selection of hardwood floor services makes them your one-stop choice for all of your hardwood flooring needs in your home. Our experienced professionals are reliable and respectful and operate the only state of the art equipment with competitive prices that greatly supersede their competitors. Check our website out to get an idea of the wide variety of options available through our esteemed company and view our great customer reviews. Call today to schedule a free estimate and let us provide all of your hardwood flooring needs.



Don’t Replace Your Laminate Floor – Have it Restored!

October 19th, 2017

As everyone looks to update and modernize their homes, hardwood flooring has quickly become more popular. If you go into any new construction home, you will likely find hardwood flooring in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and often the bedrooms. If there is any carpet at all, it usually only in the bedrooms. Hardwood floors are fast replacing carpet because they are more permanent, are much easier to maintain, cleaning them is easy, and many people believe they look nicer than carpet.

Carpets also have a short lifespan and easily shreds and tears; they wear out within a few years, they stain easily, they attract dirt and dust, and if something spills on them, they immediately absorb the liquid, making it impossible to fully clean up. While carpet is cheaper to buy and install, it will need to be replaced once it wears out or tears – however, this is not the case with hardwood flooring. This is the secret of hardwood and laminate.

Instead of replacing hardwood when it gets scuffed, dented or scratched, the magic is that of Floor Restoration! Since hardwood floors do not tear or wear out, they can easily be re-sanded, re-stained and re-varnished so they look as good as new again. Do not pay big money to have your flooring re-installed – just repair what you already have! The Classic floors in Chicago make this easy. Another bonus of hardwood floors is that they do not stain or attract dirt and dust. Instead, they make cleaning and dusting incredibly simple.

Laminate Floor Restoration

Chicago Hardwood Floor Restoration is brought to you by Classic Floors in Chicago

Surprisingly, flooring is one of the first things people notice when they walk into your home. In some of the older houses, from the 1940s and newer, the original hardwood flooring is still present. Folks love the original hardwoods! If you are looking to renovate or update, do not tear out the authentic, real-wood floors. Do not dispose of the history and the character of your house by tearing up the floors. Call us and we will come re-sand and refinish your floors so they look like new again. Wow, your guests when you tell them your beautiful flooring is authentic.

We know you want the job done right, so call us to get great floor repair service by professionals who know what they are doing. With our sixteen years of experience servicing the Chicago area, we are a team you can trust and count on. We are proud of our fast and reliable service, and we hope you are happy with it, too. We want to give you your money’s worth, and more.

We are dedicated to helping you, and respect is the name of our game. When it comes to your home and your flooring, we want to give you the very best. Your opinions are valuable and we make you our first priority. We strive for your complete approval once the job is done, and we want you to be happy with the finished product.
Remember, we also provide floor Installation and service for all types of floors, too.

Chicago Hardwood Floor Restoration will save you money

At Chicago Classic Floors, we guarantee you the best. We will install your laminate, do sanding, will refinish your hardwood flooring, and can repair and refinish your old floor – in both residential and commercial settings. Our equipment is new and safe for you and our environment, and our methods are tried and true.

When it comes to choosing the right floor for your home, we know how hard it can be. Each different type of wood or laminate, and each color will change not only the design and decoration of the room but the atmosphere of the room too. Take your time to evaluate your options, and always feel free to ask questions. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we want to help you make the right choice. We want you in good hands, and wish to ensure that you get the bargain you were looking for. Let’s work together to make your house or office that dream place you have always wanted.



A Guide to Laminate Flooring Types

September 15th, 2017

Laminate floors may have a few critics, however, they are quickly becoming the most popular home and office flooring choice. They are often less expensive than their traditional wood or carpet counterparts and far more durable. Laminate floors are so popular because of their ability to take on the look and appearance of natural wood flooring types that would normally be far too delicate for everyday wear and tear. Chicago Floor installation has created this handy buying guide for those who are considering a new change and look in floors.

Care and Maintenance

Chicago Floor installationThe first thing any floor buyer wants to know about the flooring they are purchasing is just how durable is the floor. Laminate floors are scratch proof, stain proof, and mostly waterproof, making them perfect for rooms that have heavy or frequent traffic in the home. Not only are people worried about how durable they are, but also, like anything, floors need to be cleaned. So just how easy are laminate floors to clean? Laminate floors can be easy swept, vacuumed, and even mopped. Specific cleaners do exist for laminate floors, however, unlike traditional wood floors, are not required. In fact, you can even make your own DIY floor cleaner with equal parts water and vinegar.

Laminate Flooring Installation

Installing laminate floors is so easy that most people can do it themselves. However, nothing beats the care and attention that a professional installer can give. Since laminate floors are considered a “floating” floor, they do require a bit of space around the perimeter of the room to allow for expansion in particularly humid rooms or seasons. Any professional will already know this and install accordingly. Always use doormats at the exterior doorway to reduce wear and tear on the surface of the floor. Floor protectors or casters on furniture legs will help prevent scratching. While laminate floors can handle water, it is best to wipe up any liquid spills as soon as they happen.

Where to Install Laminate?

Installing new floors usually require some thinking and few practicalities to consider. Depending on the room or the feel one would like to invoke in a room will usually determine the type and color of flooring that will eventually be installed. Fortunately, because of laminate’s extreme versatility, it can be installed in just about any room and in any color. This type of flooring looks great in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms as well as the foyer or entrance to a home, in an office or den, and always looks amazing in kitchens and bathrooms. A home can look beautiful throughout thanks to the wide variety and versatility of laminate floors.

Who Loves Laminate Floors?

ppiIndividuals who suffer from allergies from dust, pollen, or pet dander will love the allergy-friendliness of laminate floors. Cleaned regularly and properly, like with sweeping and vacuuming, laminate floors can help to reduce the effects caused by allergies. Those who love easy to clean and easy to maintain floors will love laminate. Most traditional wood floors require polishing and waxing in order for the floors to keep their day one shine. However, with laminate, that day one shine will last for as long as you have the floors. People who have pets will love how easy it is to clean up after those indoor accidents. Pet accidents can permanently damage a wood floor to the extent that sanding and resurfacing is necessary. However, with laminate, just clean up the mess as you would on tile or stone and that’s it!

Laminate floors come in a wide variety of colors and styles, making them the perfect flooring solution for everyone in the home. Often designed and made to mimic natural wood floors, colors, styles, and textures, this type of flooring can allow individuals to have the floors they have always dreamed of. This type of flooring is perfect in any and every room of the house. Not only that, but laminate floors are ideal for people who suffer from allergies, people who have children, or people who have pets. They are easy to install, even easier to clean, and are beautiful in design. Get the beauty of traditional hardwood floors without the price.



The Easy Way Out – Try Laminate Flooring

August 22nd, 2017

Classic Floors Chicago is your source for the best in laminate and hardwood floors. In fact, we showcase an extensive selection of top flooring brands for all homes and businesses. From traditional Oak and Pine to Elm and vinyl –we have the tools and expertise to enhance or upgrade any floor. Whether for residential or commercial establishments in Chicago – CFC is committed to excellence in all flooring installations.

We also offer complimentary flooring consultations, along with free service and installation quotes for all new and existing clients. With a wide array of flooring designs, colors, and grains – we can truly match any décor. We also help our customers select the best flooring solutions that meet their needs within time and budget.

The Benefits of Laminate Flooring

Untitled12As your Chicago floor installation experts we have years of experience in laminate finishes for all flooring types. In fact, our highly-dedicated team is knowledgeable – and goes above and beyond to ensure timely laminate finishing and services. No lamination job is ever too big or small and we are fully certified and insured to tackle any flooring installation or finishing project. If you are opting for laminate flooring, here are some benefits to keep in mind:

  • Laminate flooring is a cost-efficient solution to traditional hardwood flooring and tiles.
  • Laminate installations, finishes and refinishes are designed to protect floors for several years.
  • Laminate flooring is easier to clean and maintain – due to clear protective coating and materials.
  • Lamination can restore optimal shine, while bringing out the quality and glow of your tiles and flooring.
  • Laminate flooring has been around for years and continues to soar in popularity.

As hardwood floor installation Chicago professionals, we always get the job done right. We also offer free installation and service – maintenance quotes, along with consultations on all flooring projects and designs.

Understanding Laminate Flooring Layers

While laminate is a great choice for Chicago hardwood floors, it is important to understand the layers of lamination for floor finishes. This can help you determine what is best for your hardwood floors or tiling. As always, we are here to help you every step of the way – and laminate floor layers are as follows:

  • Bottom Layer – this is the section that touches the sub-floor (foundation), which is designed to resist moisture that causes warping and protrusions.
  • Middle Layer – this is the inner core section, which entails resin and fiberboard materials. This layer helps ensure durability, strength and sturdiness of all laminate pieces that are joined together. The Middle Layer also prevents pieces from warping, bowing, bending or bucking.
  • Top Layer – this section is the hard-surface product that is scratch and dent-resistant. This layer prevents your flooring from absorbing liquids, while stopping stains and spots from messing up your flooring patterns, designs, and quality.

Whether for finishes or refinishes, we offer a range of options and choice for all homes and businesses. We are simply committed to meeting all your flooring needs across the board.

Chicago Laminate Floors

piccChicago laminate flooring is truly a great alternative to traditional hardwood flooring. In fact, lamination mimics the appearance of hardwood flooring and tiles. As a man-made, synthetic product – laminate layers are fused together for secure a formidable blond. This helps ensure a strong and sturdy finish – or refinish – while saving home and business owners time and money.

At Classic Floors Chicago, we feature the best flooring and tiles for all residences and businesses. With our extensive showroom gallery, you can access a wide selection of flooring designs, colors, grains, patterns and so much more. We also help customers choose the best flooring types that will correlate with their existing décor and themes.

For more information on professional laminate flooring services in Chicago, simply contact us today or visit our website. We can also schedule a personalized consultation to understand all your flooring needs and aspirations. From laminate to hardwood, CFC is simply the place to be for all flooring installations and services.




Advantages of Professional Hardwood Installation

July 11th, 2017

Floor Installation from Classic Floors ChicagoIn the past few years, hardwood flooring has quickly become more popular. It is fast replacing carpet because it is more permanent, it is far easier to maintain, cleaning it is easy, and many people believe it looks nicer than carpet. Carpets shred and tear; they wear out within a few years, they stain easily, they attract dirt and dust, and if something spills on them, they immediately absorb the liquid, making it impossible to fully clean up. While carpet is cheaper to buy and install, it will need to be replaced once it wears out or tears – But this is not the case with hardwood flooring.

Hardwood floors do not tear or wear out. If they do get scuffed, chipped or scratched, however, they can easily be re-sanded, re-stained and re-varnished so they look as good as new again. Hardwood floors do not stain or attract dirt and dust. Instead, they make cleaning and dusting incredibly simple. Using either a wet or dry mop, the dust and debris come right off, leaving the floor shining. The wood repels spilled liquids too, allowing water to be mopped right up so the floor is left unharmed.

Floor Installation from Classic Floors Chicago

Because your flooring is one of the first things people notice when they walk into your home, we know you want it done right. It is very important to not only get the right flooring but to also get great installation service by professionals who know what they are doing. This is why we take our jobs so seriously. With our sixteen years of experience servicing the Chicago area, we are a team you can trust and count on. We are proud of our fast and reliable service, and we hope you are happy with it, too. We want to give you your money’s worth, and more.

We are dedicated to helping you, and respect is the name of our game. No tricks, no gimmicks. We are here for you. When it comes to your home and your flooring, we want to give you the very best. Your opinions are valuable and we make you our first priority. We strive for your complete approval once the job is done, and we want you to be happy with the finished product.

We provide floor Installation and service for all types of floors

Classic Floors ChicagoHere at Classic Floors Chicago, we guarantee you the best. We will install your laminate, do sanding, will refinish your hardwood flooring, and can repair and refinish your old floor – in both residential and commercial settings. Our equipment is new and safe for you and our environment, and our methods are tried and true.

When it comes to choosing the right flooring for your home, we know how hard it can be. Each different type of wood or laminate and each color will change not only the design and decoration of the room but the atmosphere of the room too. Take your time to evaluate your options, and always feel free to ask questions. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we want to help you make the right choice. We want you in good hands, and wish to ensure that you get the bargain you were looking for. Let us help you make your house or office that dream place you have always wanted.

Helpful DIY tips for keeping hardwood floors looking new and clean

Remember to always sweep hardwood floors before mopping or scrubbing with water so that the mop or rag does not just spread out the dust and dirt, creating an icky slime on the wood.

Mix one cup of vinegar with one gallon of water and use that to scrub the floor thoroughly. Use this occasionally to scrub off the buildup of dust, dirt, and grime that coats the floor over time.

Be careful how you walk on the floors; it will make a difference in how they look, and how long they will last. Avoid wearing shoes on hardwood floors to keep them looking shiny and prevent grime buildup. Keeping sports cleats and high heeled shoes off the floor will prevent nicks and dings.

Protect your Floors from Year-Round Messes

June 22nd, 2017

Chicago Floor installationThe floor of your home can see a lot of traffic- kids running around, guests, furniture being moved in or out, wet/muddy footwear, spills, and much more. And any or all of these can happen on a daily basis, or quite frequently. So keeping your floors clean and protected can seem like a gargantuan task. Even though you may have guests over just for the holidays, or moving furniture may not be done regularly, the dust and dirt that can build up on your floors just with regular everyday traffic needs regular cleaning. But before you start getting too stressed about how to protect your floors from year-round messes, read on to see some handy tips.

  1. Clean and maintain your floors the right way.

If you have hardwood floors, keep them as clean as possible and recoat every 7 to 10 years so that the shield of protection stays on the wood and protects it from damage. If you have to carpet, vacuum regularly. Any spills or spots should be cleaned right away so that they do not penetrate deep into the fibers. You can also deodorize carpeted floors to remove odors. For tile/stone floors, sweeping to remove dirt works great.

  1. Get area rugs

This is an especially great idea for times when you have guests over. Rugs provide great protection by acting as a protective middle layer between your floors (especially hardwood) and feet or furniture. Rugs can also be aesthetically appealing and add to the overall look of your home. You can still showcase your beautiful floors by leaving them bare in low traffic areas.

  1. Use furniture pads

With tables, chairs, desks, dressers, and other types of furniture scattered all over your home, using furniture pads is a smart idea to prevent scuff marks or dents on hardwood floors or deep indentations in carpets. These pads come in different materials such as felt, cork, or plastic. They also come in a variety of sizes, so choose the ones according to the weight of the furniture you will use them for.

  1. Use only the cleaning products that will not harm your floor

The number of cleaning products available today for all kinds of flooring is truly mind boggling. But that does not mean that they are all good or that you need to use them all. In the case of hardwood floors, for example, cleaners that contain ammonia, polish, vinegar, and oil soaps can dull the top coat of the hardwood and create problems later too. So it is best to stay away from these. Similarly, if you need a spot removal solvent for your carpeted floor, use a product approved by The Carpet and Rug Institute of America so you do not harm your carpet in any way.

  1. Be mindful of your lifestyle

Classic Floors ChicagoIf your family consists of kids and/or pets, spills, messes, and all sorts of “oops” moments are unavoidable. But you will be surprised at how some small everyday changes in how you use your floors, can go a long way in protecting them. For example, if your kids tend to run into the home with muddy or dirty shoes after playing outside, put down a doormat at the entrance, or ask them to leave their shoes at the door.

If your playful puppy loves to slide on your beautiful hardwood floors but leaves scratch marks, make sure to get his or her nails clipped regularly and encourage play in other carpeted areas. Having a separate, clean pair of slippers for home, or even walking barefoot on carpeted floors prevents a lot of dirt and debris from getting stuck in the fibers and your carpets stay clean for longer.

No matter what type of flooring you have, these tips can help you add years to it. And for all your flooring needs, from selection, installation, repair, refinishing, maintenance, and more, Classic Floors Chicago is available anytime at 773-656-1727.

Based in the Chicago area, we have 15 years of industry experience. Our reliable and affordable services using state-of-the-art equipment will be sure to impress you. Check out our website to learn more about our residential and commercial flooring services.


The Cost Savings of Laminate Flooring Installation

May 15th, 2017

Laminate flooring is a cost saver; there’s no other way to put it– but the question is, why exactly? What sets it apart from any other type of flooring installation? Well, a lot, actually. If you are reading this article then there is a good chance that you already know hardwood flooring is highly preferred but there are a few drawbacks. For one thing, hardwood flooring is very difficult to take care of, and secondly, it can be prohibitively expensive. It’s no surprise that many opt for a laminate floor installation in Chicago. So, wait, what is laminate flooring and why is it so popular? Believe it or not, you’ve probably seen it before.

Laminate Floor Installation in Chicago – What it is and Why It’s Preferred

Laminate Floor Installation in ChicagoThe first thing you need to know is that while laminate flooring certainly looks like hardwood flooring, it is not. In fact, it’s more of a particle board if we’re going to be perfectly honest, and atop each slat, you will find a set image that is meant to mimic a specific texture. The enticing thing about laminate flooring is that the texture can actually look like virtually anything. It doesn’t have to look like wood; it can look like just about any surface, including stone. Still, most people choose wood, and with good reason. Laminate flooring, when installed properly, gives you the hardwood floor that you crave without having to suffer the hassle that usually comes with it. Here are some of the benefits of laminate flooring:

• Easy to Clean

• Easy to Install

• Inexpensive

• Stain Resistant

• Cheap to Repair


These points are all extremely important with laminate flooring, particularly the stain resistance. The great thing is that like hardwood flooring, laminate flooring can be sealed so that a spill will simply sit on the surface of the floor and it can be easily cleaned up at your convenience. Of course, repair is another aspect that we have to look at.

Repairing Laminate Flooring

Repair has to be figured into the Laminate installation cost in Chicago. How much does it cost? What process will you need to use? Generally, the damaged caused to laminate flooring is pretty superficial, for example, you mi0ght have a piece of the laminate atop the particle board begin to peel, and when that happens, it may very well be time to consider replacement, but that doesn’t mean the entire floor. You can replace the slats themselves, and it doesn’t have to be extremely expensive.

On the other end of the spectrum, damage to laminate flooring can be caused by the moving of a home’s foundation which often results in shifting, forcing you to change the floor and keep up with the home’s orientation – it’s not easy, but fortunately, this isn’t always necessary. If this happens to you, it will come in the form of buckling, and it can be very subtle at first. If you identify this buckling, it is strongly recommended that you seek out a professional to help you deal with it before it becomes a serious problem.

All in all, the problems that stem from laminate flooring are minuscule when held in comparison to hardwood flooring, and it is mostly due to the cost.

More Money in Your Pocket

Chicago Hardwood floor InstallationWhile Chicago Hardwood floor Installation is almost always preferable most people will definitely turn to the laminate option for the reasons that we just mentioned. It puts more money in your pocket, and it can potentially raise the value of your home when cared for properly. That being said, there are several different types of laminate flooring that can be put into place, with ratings from AC1 to AC6.

The difference between the ratings is quality, for example, AC1 could be used in an area that is not often trafficked, while AC3 might be used in a moderately trafficked area. AC5 and above are most often used for commercial applications, and they can be much more expensive than hardwood flooring. You will want to speak with your installer to find out more about what your home needs, and how you can save money by making the optimal choice for your home.

Laminate flooring can definitely be a money saver, and it’s much easier to take care of. You’ll spend less time worrying about your floor and more time enjoying life – or more time working on other home improvement projects around your house; the choice is yours.


How to Get Stains out of Your Laminate Flooring

March 21st, 2017

Laminate flooring is a cost-effective alternative to traditional solid hardwood floors. In fact, it is designed to secure a similar appearance to hardwood flooring and tiles. Laminate is essentially man-made or synthetic products that feature three layers or piles that are fused together. This ensures a strong and sturdy product, which continues to soar in global popularity.

At Classic Floors Chicago, we specialize in all types of lamination for residential and commercial establishments. Our showroom gallery features a myriad of colors, designs, grain patterns and styles that are sure to match any décor. From homes to offices, we are committed to excellence in installing and maintaining all customized laminate flooring solutions.

What Does Laminate Flooring Consist Of?

Laminate FlooringAs your Chicago floor installation experts, we bring years of extensive experience to any home or office remodeling project. Our highly-dedicated installers and designers are fully certified and insured to tackle any job as well. In fact, no laminate or hardwood floor installation is ever too big or small, and we offer a range of daily discounts and specials on all designs and patterns. When it comes to Chicago laminate flooring, it is important to understand what materials and components are used. This includes:

  • The Bottom Layer – this is the part that touches the sub-floor (the foundation of a floor in a building), which is constructed to resist moisture that causes warp and aging.
  • The Middle Layer – this is the inner core play, which is made of resin and fiberboard materials. It helps secure the strength, durability, and sturdiness of laminate pieces that are fused together. It also prevents pieces from bucking, bending, bowing or warping.
  • The Top Layer – This is the hard-surface product that is designed to resist scratches and dents. This is an essential layer since it prevents your floors from absorbing liquids – and therefore – stops stains and spots from gaining a foothold across your floors.

Chicago laminate floor installation is done to perfection by our dedicated team. In fact, we truly go above and beyond the call of duty to meet all your needs within time and budget. This includes helping customers find the right types of flooring for their properties, along with the grains, colors, and design patterns. As always, we offer substantial discounts on all products –and always use the highest-grade of materials with each installation or flooring enhancement project.

Why Install Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring can easily simulate wood, stone, metal and other popular surfaces. Whether for homes or businesses, we have the tools and expertise to install lamination in a timely and professional manner. Over the years, however, many customers have inquired about the benefits of lamination over traditional hardwood floors? The following are some of the timely answers and options we have given:

  • Laminate flooring is less expensive and easier to install than hardwood tiles and flooring.
  • Laminate floors are also easier to maintain over the years; especially when it comes to common or extensive stains.
  • Laminate flooring is easier to clean and maintain –since the top layer –is basically a photographic application that is covered by clear protective materials.

With laminate floor installation Chicago, we monitor the entire process from start to finish. This includes resin treatments that are perfect for microbial resistance. As a popular and cost-effective solution, laminate is now the preferred mode of flooring for countless businesses and homes across the Greater Chicago area.

Hardwood Flooring Installations and Services

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How to Choose the Right Flooring for your Hallway

February 17th, 2017

laminate flooringWhether you are going to be a first time homeowner thinking about flooring options for your new home, or a longtime homeowner thinking about replacing floors in your home, the flooring decision is perhaps one of the most important decisions you will need to make. Not only will good flooring give you many years of comfort, it can have a major impact on the value of your home.

With so many different materials and design choices, your task of choosing the most suitable flooring is definitely not going to be an easy one. Carpeting of many different types, laminate flooring that has beautifully enticing designs, sturdy and long-lasting hardwood, colorful tiles, and much more is available on the market today. And with all the different rooms in your home to think about, it can get quite stressful to pick the best. Your hallway, for example, is the area where guests get the first impression of your home. The décor and the flooring can make your guests form a good opinion about you and your home and make them feel welcome. So how do you make sure that you choose the right flooring for your hallway? Read on to find out what things you may need to consider.

  • Know that this is a high traffic area. Keep in mind that your hallway is always going to be a high traffic area. Steady traffic makes the flooring of your hallway susceptible to scratches, dents, stains, dirt, and anything else that can get dragged in with your shoes from outside. So putting down a plush carpet may not be a very good choice. You may want to invest in something sturdier that can last for a long time and look good even with all the treading on it.
  • Consider size. Think about how big or small your hallway is. A decorative ceramic tile design with bold colors and motifs, for example, may make a small hallway seem too busy or crowded, especially if you have other decorative items to put there too. A simple, single colored hardwood or laminate floor might be a more suitable option. For larger areas you can even use more than one flooring material and/or design for a more unique look. White stone tiles starting from the exterior door, for example, are easier to clean, and could lead into a dark hardwood floor for a dramatic look.
  • Keep the design and decorative elements of your home in mind. No matter what type of flooring you choose, it should be cohesive with other design elements of your home. If you are into more modern designs and clean, simple, natural colors, the hallway flooring should echo the same style sensibility. A more traditional or ornate interior, accordingly, would need a different hallway floor style. Think of your hallway as another room in your home and don’t be shy to design and style it the way you want. Create impact with patterns and bold colors if you like.


  • Think about the areas adjacent to your hallway. Do you have stairs adjacent to your hallway? Or maybe a mudroom space? These features can also dictate your choice of flooring. If there are different colors and textures in adjoining areas, these might clash and make for an odd look. This does not mean that you need the exact same flooring and accents everywhere either. Just work towards using what creates a harmonious look. If you live in the Chicago area, and have doubts about the type of flooring you need, call Classic Floors Chicago. Our experts can help you not just with flooring choice, but also with floor installation and maintenance.
  • Consider how your hallway is used. If your kids are going to be running into the hallway with muddy boots, or you are going to use part of the space for parking bikes, for example, carpeting or even hardwood floors might not be suitable in these cases. So think about how your hallway is going to be used. With bigger homes, a hallway can have a more formal look and is primarily used for guests. For smaller homes, or homes with growing families, this area can be multifunctional with coat racks, shoe racks, washer, or other necessary items. So the most important thing you need to keep in mind is that the hallway flooring should be practical enough for you to use every day without worrying about damages or time-consuming cleaning methods.


After considering these factors, your choice of flooring for your hallway will become easier to decide. And remember to call Classic Floors Chicago anytime at 773-656-1727 for all your flooring needs from selection, installation, repair, refinishing, maintenance, and more. Our reliable and affordable services are sure to impress you.