The Cost Savings of Laminate Flooring Installation

May 15th, 2017


Laminate flooring is a cost saver; there’s no other way to put it– but the question is, why exactly? What sets it apart from any other type of flooring installation? Well, a lot, actually. If you are reading this article then there is a good chance that you already know hardwood flooring is highly preferred but there are a few drawbacks. For one thing, hardwood flooring is very difficult to take care of, and secondly, it can be prohibitively expensive. It’s no surprise that many opt for a laminate floor installation in Chicago. So, wait, what is laminate flooring and why is it so popular? Believe it or not, you’ve probably seen it before.

Laminate Floor Installation in Chicago – What it is and Why It’s Preferred

Laminate Floor Installation in ChicagoThe first thing you need to know is that while laminate flooring certainly looks like hardwood flooring, it is not. In fact, it’s more of a particle board if we’re going to be perfectly honest, and atop each slat, you will find a set image that is meant to mimic a specific texture. The enticing thing about laminate flooring is that the texture can actually look like virtually anything. It doesn’t have to look like wood; it can look like just about any surface, including stone. Still, most people choose wood, and with good reason. Laminate flooring, when installed properly, gives you the hardwood floor that you crave without having to suffer the hassle that usually comes with it. Here are some of the benefits of laminate flooring:

• Easy to Clean

• Easy to Install

• Inexpensive

• Stain Resistant

• Cheap to Repair


These points are all extremely important with laminate flooring, particularly the stain resistance. The great thing is that like hardwood flooring, laminate flooring can be sealed so that a spill will simply sit on the surface of the floor and it can be easily cleaned up at your convenience. Of course, repair is another aspect that we have to look at.

Repairing Laminate Flooring

Repair has to be figured into the Laminate installation cost in Chicago. How much does it cost? What process will you need to use? Generally, the damaged caused to laminate flooring is pretty superficial, for example, you mi0ght have a piece of the laminate atop the particle board begin to peel, and when that happens, it may very well be time to consider replacement, but that doesn’t mean the entire floor. You can replace the slats themselves, and it doesn’t have to be extremely expensive.

On the other end of the spectrum, damage to laminate flooring can be caused by the moving of a home’s foundation which often results in shifting, forcing you to change the floor and keep up with the home’s orientation – it’s not easy, but fortunately, this isn’t always necessary. If this happens to you, it will come in the form of buckling, and it can be very subtle at first. If you identify this buckling, it is strongly recommended that you seek out a professional to help you deal with it before it becomes a serious problem.

All in all, the problems that stem from laminate flooring are minuscule when held in comparison to hardwood flooring, and it is mostly due to the cost.

More Money in Your Pocket

Chicago Hardwood floor InstallationWhile Chicago Hardwood floor Installation is almost always preferable most people will definitely turn to the laminate option for the reasons that we just mentioned. It puts more money in your pocket, and it can potentially raise the value of your home when cared for properly. That being said, there are several different types of laminate flooring that can be put into place, with ratings from AC1 to AC6.

The difference between the ratings is quality, for example, AC1 could be used in an area that is not often trafficked, while AC3 might be used in a moderately trafficked area. AC5 and above are most often used for commercial applications, and they can be much more expensive than hardwood flooring. You will want to speak with your installer to find out more about what your home needs, and how you can save money by making the optimal choice for your home.

Laminate flooring can definitely be a money saver, and it’s much easier to take care of. You’ll spend less time worrying about your floor and more time enjoying life – or more time working on other home improvement projects around your house; the choice is yours.


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