Tips for Protecting your Hardwood Floors from Pets

November 22nd, 2017


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Pet Free Flooring Styles

Chicago floors professionalsAs your Chicago floors professionals, we stand by all our products and accessories. We also stay abreast of all the latest industry styles and designs. This allows us to offer a complete range of contemporary and traditional flooring styles to meet your needs. While pets are beloved members of countless families across Chicago – they do tend to mess up home floors.

This, of course, is by shedding their hairs, which can get engrained in floor crevices. Similarly, pet urine or droppings can truly damage the quality of your floors over time. With this in mind, we offer the following options to protect all your hardwood floors from dogs or cats:

  • Professional laminate services that add a true coating to all hardwood floors.
  • Lamination protects the vibrancy, shine, and luster for all types of hardwood flooring.
  • Laminate is water-resistant and can easily deflect pet droppings and/or hair shedding.
  • Dark hardwood flooring is perfect for keeping pet accidents unnoticeable – you can easily remove these accidents from your flooring with abrasive-free cleaners and damp cloths.
  • We also offer vinyl, moisture-free tiles, and water-resistant flooring for all homes and businesses in the Greater Chicagoland area.

The Many Benefits of Hardwood Floor Lamination

Hardwood Floor LaminationThere are so many benefits of having your hardwood floors laminated. For one, they will be easier to clean and maintain for years to come. Lamination protects all layers of your hardwood floor – from the surface to within. Laminate hardwood flooring is also designed to protect your floors from spills, scratches and especially dents. Most of all, they are pet-free and can truly prevent your floors from being damaged by cats or dogs.

As you know, these pets – as adorable as they are – do have claws that can seriously damage floors. With this in mind, a laminate is certainly the best option to protect your hardwood flooring across the board.

Here are some more ways to protect your hardwood flooring from pets:


Runners are long, thin rugs that are usually placed in hallways. These mats can be placed in front of entrances, which is a great way to stop dirt and debris from reaching your hardwood floors. This not only included pets but also your loved ones that wear shoes on our floors – when they are supposed to take them off.

Nail Caps for Pets

Nail caps can be applied to both dogs and cats. These caps prevent them from scratching your hardwood floors. You should also have your pet nails trimmed regularly to secure proper grooming and hygiene.

Clean at Once

Always clean any dog urine from your floors at once. This will prevent the fluids from seeping into your hardwood floors – resulting in staining, warping and other damages. You should clean your hardwood floors regularly as well. This includes daily or weekly sweeping, along with dusting and mopping. This will protect your floors from getting dirty – especially if they are not laminated. Your best bet is still to get lamination – and we are more than happy to help you with that today.


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