The Top Hardwood Flooring Trends

October 11th, 2017


Hardwood flooring has remained a luxurious choice for home flooring dating back for many decades ago. There are many benefits of adding this upgrade to your home such as an increased floor durability with a lifespan of up to 250 years with a large benefit being the health benefits of this type of flooring. Our Chicago Hardwood Floors are made from only top quality wood materials that will not hold on to dust mites and other common allergies that carpets trap and circulate through the home air.

This naturally sustainable material is a huge benefit to homeowners. There are many common trends to watch for as this industry evolves increasing customization options to the homeowner and making the art of installing hardwood flooring in your home an exciting and rewarding experience that is worth the investment.

Current Hard Wood Texture Flooring Trends

Untitled10There are many things that have to be considered when making up the look of a gorgeous hardwood floor. Our Chicago Hardwood Floors are expertly designed with quality and the latest trends in mind. When people consider adding hardwood flooring to their home, they consider color usually as the first point of their decision-making process. While lighter colors can brighten a room and make it look larger, darker colors can make a room look smaller and give it a more cozy appeal.

Considering the texture adds an additional detail to the finishing statement of your hardwood flooring that can have its benefits and drawbacks. There are many options available when considering the texture for your flooring project. For a classic and rare look, hand scraping each individual plank can make the floor appear to be handcrafted and specifically unique. This is a very durable option. Wire brushed adds an aged or distressed look to the flooring and is great for hiding scratches and dirt.

Current Hard Wood Layout and Pattern Flooring Trends

When designing the layout of your floor there are so many trendy options available. Patterns and angles give homeowners many decisions to make when designing their floors. Herringbone is a trendy flooring used typically in longer planks creating a depth. Angled flooring adds an appeal to the home that is unique and modern creating an expensive look.

Current Hard Wood Finishing Trends

While ultra glossy finishes were favorite years ago, they are now a thing of the past. Understated, flat finishes with less shine are becoming a favorite among the majority of homeowners for their classic yet subtle appeal. The satin finish is a compromise between glossy and matte finishes. This less polished floor look is great for a not so drastic approach to your floor’s finish. While experts predict that glossier trends will move their way back into the limelight, current trends show that homeowner is preferring a duller look for their floor finish.

Our Quality Services

pic222For all of your Chicago Hardwood floor needs, look no further than to our experts at Classic Floors Chicago. We offer a quality service that is top of the line. Our professionals have over 16 years of experience in the Chicago area. Our services range from a wide selection of choices from the installation of new wood floors, refinishing, floor sanding, installation of floating floors, and the art of restoring old wood back to its original luster and shine. There is no job too large as we service residential and commercial accounts.

As common trends evolve, we continue to offer innovative options to our valued customers. We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship and our fast, reliable services. Our equipment is state of the art using only the best dust free professional equipment for your flooring needs. One of our qualified representatives is standing by to take your calls today. Let us give you a free estimate and show you how our prices are competitive and our quality supersedes others.


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